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Chase Tops

stainless steel chasetop

We only offer a stainless steel chase top for your chimney. Because of size restrictions, UPS is not a shipping option and the freight lines will charge as much as the cost of the chase top for delivery. So we only offer our chase tops locally.
Galvanized chase tops will rust out after a few years, leading to yet another replacement. Besides being unsightly, the rust stains on the chimney chase tells us that most likely water is penetrating the top of your chimney. After a period of time the floor under the fireplace can rot away. I have acually seen a fireplace fall off the side of a house!!

Our Stainless Steel Chase Tops are attractive, durable and custom made to fit snugly over your chimney chase to offer years (lifetime warranty) of protection from the elements. They can have as many chimney holes as needed, at any diameters and any locations.

Here are a few short video clips of a chase top replacement job we did recently. It was a very overcast day.

Click here to see the first video

rusted chasetop

Click here to see the second video

Click here to see the third video

Click here to see the fourth video

Click here to see the last video

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