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Our Services
small flameChimney Sweeping
removes dangerous, flammable creosote from inside the chimney
small flameSystem Evaluation and Condition Report
determine chimney integrity and whether or not your particular installation and chimney system meet current safety standards
small flameWoodStove Installation
follows local and national building codes and standards
small flameTuckpointing
replaces missing or loose mortar in brick chimneys and fireplace fireboxs
small flameChimney Caps
lifetime warranted stainless steel caps prevents access by rain or snow, animals, leaves, or other debris
small flameStainless Steel Chase Tops
replacement or new construction for prefab chimneys
small flameUL Listed Stainless Steel Chimney Lining/Relining System
gives new life to unlined or damaged chimneys that would otherwise have the be rebuilt from the ground up
small flameFlashing Repair
prevents water penetration between house and chimney
small flameWaterproofing (Repellent)
protects masonry chimneys from rain and water damage
small flameCrown Repair
prevents water penetration through the top of your chimney and saves major restoration expense
small flameGas Flue Lining/Relining
prevents deadly carbon monoxide from penetrating through your unlined or deteriorating chimney
small flameBellfires Fireplace Restoration
replaces burned, rusted out heat-form fireplaces (heatolator type)
small flameConsultation
advice and information about your installation and safer burning practices
small flame Masonry Repairs
returns a deteriorating, unsafe chimney to full code-complying condition quickly and economically
small flameSmoking And Draft Problems
effective solutions for fireplaces and woodstoves that cause smoke problems inside your home
small flameLeafree Gutter Guards Installed
Finally a product to keep gutters free of leaves
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