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Stove Safety
Heating with wood is as safe as heating with oil, gas or electricity--if a stove is properly installed and maintained. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission only two percent of all wood heat-related fires are due to faulty equipment, 70 % can be traced to improper installation.

Unless you are extremely handy and willing to spend hours studying codes and books, leave the chore of installation to a certified chimney sweep. Putting a stove, stovepipe, and chimney in place are tricky jobs. One mistake could make a substantial difference in the performance of the system, not to mention your family's safety.

The key to a proper stove installation is strict adherence to safety codes and clearances. The National Fire Protection Association clearances pictured here are minimum clearances. Adhere to these guidelines unless your owner's manual states otherwise.

minimum clearances

"A Clean Chimney Is A Safe And Efficient Chimney"
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